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ABE, Keiko (b.1937) - Dream of the Cherry Blossoms. ZIMMERMANN - FRANKFURT - marimba
ZM02510 / marimba

List Price: $15.25
ABE, Keiko (b.1937) - Marimba d'amore. SCHOTT - marimba
SJ00051 / solo marimba

List Price: $18.00
ABE, Keiko (b.1937) - Michi. MUSIC FOR PERCUSSION - marimba
M0021 / marimba

List Price: $6.25
ABE, Keiko (b.1937) - Works for Marimba Duo. SCHOTT - playing score
SJ00052 / marimba

List Price: $16.95
ABE, Keiko (b.1937) - Works for Marimba. SCHOTT - marimba
SJ00050 / marimba

List Price: $29.95
ABELS, Michael (b.1962) - American Variations on Swing Low Sweet Chariot (1993). SUBITO MUSIC - octavo score
SUB90110020 / tpt, orch / Dur 9

List Price: $55.00
ABELS, Michael (b.1962) - Dance for Martin's Dream. SUBITO MUSIC - study score
SUB90110040 / orch

List Price: $40.00
ABELS, Michael (b.1962) - Delights and Dances. SUBITO MUSIC - study score
SUB90180130 / str qrt, str orch

List Price: $30.95
ABELS, Michael (b.1962) - Global Warming. SUBITO MUSIC - octavo score
SUB90110080 / orch / Dur 8

List Price: $31.95
ABRAHAMSEN, Hans (b.1952) - Pieces (6) for Horn, Violin and Piano. WILHELM HANSEN - set
KP00099 / hn, vn, pf

List Price: $64.95
ABRAHAMSEN, Hans (b.1952) - String Quartet No. 1 ("Ten Preludes"). WILHELM HANSEN
WH49531 / str qrtClick on the title for prices!

ABRAHAMSEN, Hans (b.1952) - Winternacht (original version) (1976). WILHELM HANSEN - octavo score
WH29572 / fl, cl, hn, cor, pf, vn, vc / Dur 13

List Price: $26.95
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - American Berserk. BOOSEY & HAWKES - piano
M-051-24626-7 / pf

List Price: $9.95
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - Century Rolls (Piano Concerto). BOOSEY & HAWKES - large score
M-051-09648-0 / orch

List Price: $30.00
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - Chairman Dances (Foxtrot for Orchestra) (1985). ASSOCIATED MUSIC PUBLISHERS - large score
HAL50480014 / orch / Dur 12

List Price: $50.00
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - Chamber Symphony. BOOSEY & HAWKES - octavo score
M-051-21223-1 / orch

List Price: $39.95
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - China Gates. ASSOCIATED MUSIC PUBLISHERS - piano
HAL50236190 / pf

List Price: $10.99
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - City Noir (2009). BOOSEY & HAWKES - octavo score (11 x 14)
M-051-19779-1 / orch / Dur 34

List Price: $85.00
ADAMS, John (b.1947) - Concerto for Violin. BOOSEY & HAWKES
HPS1247 / vn, orchClick on the title for prices!

ADAMS, John (b.1947) - Death of Klinghoffer. BOOSEY & HAWKES - vocal score
M-051-96880-0 / (v/s)opera

List Price: $85.00