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African American Heritage Hymnal (Carpenter). G.I.A.PUB,INC
G5400 / chor collClick on the title for prices!

African American History: Inventors (Wilson/Simms). SHAWNEE PRESS, INC. - choral octavo
G0120 / chdrn musical

List Price: $16.95
African Praise Noel (Miller). HAL LEONARD - choral octavo
HAL08551449 / chor(3-pt), perc

List Price: $1.80
ALTHOUSE, Jay - Spirituals for Solo Singers (Medium High). ALFRED PUBLISHING CO.
ALF011696 / vo, pfClick on the title for prices!

ALTHOUSE, Jay - Spirituals for Solo Singers (Medium Low). ALFRED PUBLISHING CO.
ALF011698 / vo, pfClick on the title for prices!

ALTHOUSE, Jay - Spirituals for Solo Singers, Book 2 (Medium High). ALFRED PUBLISHING CO. - voice & piano
ALF023911 / vo, pf

List Price: $13.95
American Folksongs & Spirituals (75 Songs). HAL LEONARD - voice & piano
HAL00310138 / vo, pf & chord symbols

List Price: $12.95
ARGENTO, Dominick (1927-2019) - Spirituals and Swedish Chorales. BOOSEY & HAWKES - choral octavo
LCB0283 / chor(satb)*

List Price: $8.95
Art Songs and Spirituals by African-American Women Composers (Taylor). HILDEGARD PUBLISHING - voice & piano
HIL09528 / vo, pf

List Price: $39.95
BARNARD, John - Spirituals (2) (Steal Away, Were You There). G.I.A.PUB,INC - choral octavo
G4508 / chor(satb)

List Price: $1.40
Battle of Jericho (Hayes). ALFRED PUBLISHING CO. - choral octavo
ALF041827 / chor(sab), pf

List Price: $1.85
Battle of Jericho (Hayes). ALFRED PUBLISHING CO. - choral octavo
ALF041828 / chor(ttbb), pf

List Price: $1.85
Beautiful Hymns and Spirituals (Evans). HAL LEONARD - piano
HAL00009635 / pf

List Price: $8.99
BENJAMIN, Arthur (1893-1960) - Negro Spirituals (5) arranged for Violin and Piano (Primrose). BOOSEY & HAWKES - violin & piano
M-060-82796-9 / vn, pf

List Price: $55.00
Best-Loved Negro Spirituals. Complete lyrics to 178 songs of faith (Herder). DOVER PUBLICATIONS - voice & piano
DOV41677-1 / libretto

List Price: $8.95
BILLINGHAM, Richard - Seven Reflections on African American Hymns. AUGSBURG FORTRESS PUBLISHERS - organ
0-800-65488-9 / org

List Price: $10.00
BURLEIGH, Harry T. (1866-1949) - Spirituals of Harry T. Burleigh. WARNER (CPP,BELWIN,SUMMY)
EL03151 / vo,pfClick on the title for prices!

CARTER, John - I Have Been to the Mountain (text of Martin Luther King, Jr.) SOMERSET
SP071 / 2 narr, mx chor, 2 tptClick on the title for prices!

Catalog of Music Written In Honor of Martin Luther King Jr. (Anthony McDonald). SCARECROW PRESS, INC. - book/textbook
9780810882195 / bk

List Price: $65.00
Chatter with the Angels (Gilpin). ALFRED PUBLISHING CO. - choral octavo
ALF041596 / chor(satb), pf

List Price: $1.85