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SAINT-GEORGES, J. Boulogne, Chevalier de - Symphony No.  1 in G, Op. 11 (Suttle). LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY
SAINT-GEORGES, J. Boulogne, Chevalier de - Symphony No. 1 in G, Op. 11 (Suttle). LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY

LUC12691 / orch more info
MAHLER, Gustav (1860-1911) - Lied von der Erde (2022, Ed. Christian Riedel). BREITKOPF & HAERTEL
MAHLER, Gustav (1860-1911) - Lied von der Erde (2022, Ed. Christian Riedel). BREITKOPF & HAERTEL

PB05641 / 2 vo(high & med), orch: 3+1, 3d1, 2+1+e-fl.cl, 3d1 - 4, 3, 3, 1, timp, perc, 2hp, mandolin, str, soli(T,A or Bar) / Dur 64

The Song of the Earth, composed in the summer of 1908, is Mahler's best-known and most personal work. Reflecting drastic changes in his life, its immense emotional density is very moving. Until the very end, Mahler continued to refine the extremely differentiated instrumentation, as is evident in numerous retouchings in the autograph score and engraver's model. It is therefore all the more regrettable that he was neither able to perform his "Symphony in Songs" himself nor that he was involved in its printing. Unfortunately, in the posthumously published first edition of 1912 and the subsequent editions edited by Erwin Ratz and Karl Heinz Fuessl, many questions remained unanswered, while other were answered in a dubious way.

This edition is the first text-critical one of the work on a scientifically sound basis. It offers not only a more reliable musical text, but also systematically and lucidly prepared information on the sources, their transmission and evaluation. All editorial decisions have been documented in a transparently comprehensible manner - in particular those leading to new audible results. Work-related notes on performance practice, which for the first time include Mahler's conducting indications, offer valuable, indispensable interpretive aids. In addition to the regular five clarinet parts, the set of parts includes two additional parts (3rd clarinet/Eb clarinet, bass clarinet/3rd clarinet in places where the latter plays Eb clarinet) to allow performances with only four clarinets.

The completely revised piano reduction reproduces the orchestral texture true to the score without losing sight of playability. Both Mahler's piano autograph and the piano reduction by Woess, which was commissioned by the composer himself, served as an inspiration for this.
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STRAVINSKY, Igor (1882-1971) - Rite of Spring (complete) (Nieweg/Chang, 2021) (Critical Performing Edition). SERENISSIMA MUSIC
STRAVINSKY, Igor (1882-1971) - Rite of Spring (complete) (Nieweg/Chang, 2021) (Critical Performing Edition). SERENISSIMA MUSIC

SM23627 / orch / Dur 33 Instrumentation: 4d1+1+afl, 4d1+1, 4d1+1+pcl, 4d1+1 - 8d2, 4d1+1, 3, 2, 2timp, 3perc, str


The newly engraved 2021 Critical Performing Edition is the result of twenty years of meticulous research and editing based on the first printed score of 1921 with corrections. The main sources are the four-hand piano manuscript (MS), the four-hand piano print copies, the 1913/1920 autograph score (AS), nine previously printed full scores, printed parts, and facsimile reproduction pages from the 1913 Premiere score. This edition has incorporated 2,200 edits and corrections, building upon the Nieweg 2000 edition which itself had incorporated 21,000 edits and corrections. The CPE includes a 3-page Front Matter; Instrumentation page; Annotated Select Bibliography for 36 sources; Details of twelve facsimiles; 9-page Selected Comparison of Editions - Textual Notes; Comparison of Variants for the Bassoon Solo; 2-page Key to Printed Editions of the Orchestral Score of The Rite of Spring. The extensive textual notes illuminate comparisons of editions, plus information about performance options and traditions. This new corrected engraving was created from original sources to benefit conductors and performers in its engraving and design, and consequently, brings enhanced accuracy and transparency to the performance material. Offered in a special folio-size (12 x 15.5 inch) full score with a full color cover as well as the standard 9.5 x 12.5-inch size. Both scores are spiral-bound to lay flat when opened and to allow for near-silent page turns. An 80-lb offwhite stock is used to minimize accidental tears when flipping pages and to maximize visibility under stage lighting. This new edition replaces the 2000 edition, though we will still provide parts for those who might be missing items from a set purchased previously.

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SAINT-GEORGES, J. Boulogne, Chevalier de - Symphony No.  2 in D, Op. 11 (Suttle). LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY
SAINT-GEORGES, J. Boulogne, Chevalier de - Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 11 (Suttle). LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY

LUC12692 / orch more info
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) - Requiem (K.626) (Completion Michael Ostrzyga). BAERENREITER VERLAG
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756-1791) - Requiem (K.626) (Completion Michael Ostrzyga). BAERENREITER VERLAG

BA11310 / soli(SATB), chor(satb), orch / Dur 55
mass, Requiem (K.626) (Completion Michael Ostrzyga).
- Scholarly-critical edition of the "Requiem" fragment
- With performance material for presentation of
1) the fragment,
2) a version with completions of the authentic Mozart sections or
3) a full completion consistent with Mozart's musical idiom
- Missing sections were completed by drawing from other fragmentary sacred works by Mozart
- Added or completed sections incorporate influences from Bach and Handel already detectable in the fragment
- Alternative performance options for the "Lacrimosa", "Sanctus" and "Benedictus"
- Easy-to-play piano reduction
- Extensive foreword (Ger/Eng) on the work's history, reception and modern completions, with analytical stylistic critique
- Detailed Critical Commentary (Eng), partly available on the Baerenreiter website
- Tried and tested on many occasions, e.g. at Harvard University, the Rheingau Music Festival, the Monadnock Music Festival (New Hampshire), in Salt Lake City (Utah), as well as in radio broadcasts (NDR, SWR, WDR) and CD recordings with Concerto Koeln, Chorwerk Ruhr and Florian Helgath ("Le Disque classique du jour" from francemusique.fr and three nominations for Opus Klassik 2021 in the categories "Ensemble", "Choral Recording" and "Editorial Achievement")
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RESPIGHI, Ottorino (1879-1936) - Pines of Rome. LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY
RESPIGHI, Ottorino (1879-1936) - Pines of Rome. LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY

LUC13929 / orch: 3d1, 2+1, 2+1, 2+1 - 4, 3, 3, 1, 6 buccina, timp, perc, hp, cel, org, pf, str more info
PUCCINI, Giacomo (1858-1924) - Nessun Dorma (from "Turandot"). LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY
PUCCINI, Giacomo (1858-1924) - Nessun Dorma (from "Turandot"). LUCK'S MUSIC LIBRARY

LUC03543 / vo, orch: 2+1, 2+1, 3, 3 - 4, 4, 4, 0, timp, perc, hp, str, solo tenor, mx chor (opt)
Turandot, Nessun Dorma.

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Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (3rd Edition, 2022). BREITKOPF & HAERTEL - book
Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (3rd Edition, 2022). BREITKOPF & HAERTEL - book
List Price: $575.00

BV0400 / book / bk

The indispensable reference book on the complete works of Johann Sebastian Bach

The first catalog of all Bach's works, the Bach-Werke-Verzeichnis (BWV), appeared in 1950 under the authorship of Wolfgang Schmieder. A revised edition of this internationally recognized reference work was published 40 years later, followed by a so-called "small version" with further updates in 1998.

Now created in collaboration with the Bach-Archiv Leipzig is a completely redesigned edition of the BWV, taking account of the 21st century's altered knowledge and usage structures. The aim has been to develop a comprehensive and contemporary reference work for Bach's compositions that would appeal to interested lay readers as well as to specialists familiar with Bach research.

Thematic-Systematic Catalog of the Musical Works of Johann Sebastian Bach (BWV) arranged by Christine Blanken, Christoph Wolff and Peter Wollny edited by Bach-Archiv Leipzig
Founded by Wolfgang Schmieder

-Contains the new research results since BWV2 (1990) and BWV2a (1998)
-Is based on the previous well-established count of the works, though also systematically includes all works' versions
-Pursues a new conceptual approach designed to interlink optimally with relevant online databases (e.g., Bach digital, RISM) and other reference sources
-Organizes the accompanying data (surveys of works and sources, work collections, dubious and erroneous attributions, diverse indices) in a new, user-friendly system
-Third, extended edition (German)
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