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BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van (1770-1827) - String Quartet in E-flat, Op.127 (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA09029 / str qrtClick on the title for prices!

FAURE, Gabriel-Urbain (1845-1924) - Requiem, Op. 48 arranged for Women's Chorus (Bruno). BAERENREITER VERLAG - vocal score
BA05695 / soli(SSAA), chor(ssaa), org

List Price: $17.75
HANDEL, George Frideric (1685-1759) - Orlando (HWV 31) (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA04087 / operaClick on the title for prices!

MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix (1809-1847) - Psalm, Op. 31 (MWV A 9) (Non nobis Domine) (L-G) (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA09079 / soli(STB), chor(ssaattbb), orchClick on the title for prices!

DVORAK, Antonin (1841-1904) - Concerto for Violin in A minor, Op. 53 (Urtext) (Cividini). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA10422 / vn, orch / Dur 30Click on the title for prices!

HAYDN, Franz Joseph (1732-1809) - Symphony No. 90 in C (Hob.I:90) (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA10981 / orch / Dur 24Click on the title for prices!

DVORAK, Antonin (1841-1904) - Slavonic Rhapsody, Op. 45/ 1 in D (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA10401 / orch / Dur 11Click on the title for prices!

DVORAK, Antonin (1841-1904) - Piano Quartet in D, Op. 23 (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG - score & parts
BA09574 / pf, vn, va, vc

List Price: $40.00
DVORAK, Antonin (1841-1904) - Piano Quintet in A, Op. 5 (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG - score & parts
BA11539 / pf, 2 vn, va, vc

List Price: $38.50
RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764) - Daphnis et Egle (complete). BAERENREITER VERLAG
BA08862 / operaClick on the title for prices!

RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764) - Les Indes Galantes (Symphonies) (Bouissou). BAERENREITER VERLAG - large score
BA07568 / orch

List Price: $86.50
RAMEAU, Jean-Philippe (1683-1764) - Opera Arias for Soprano, Vol. 1 (F). BAERENREITER VERLAG - voice & piano
BA09191 / S, pf

List Price: $83.25
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van (1770-1827) - Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67 (Urtext) (Dufner). BREITKOPF & HAERTEL
PB14615 / orchClick on the title for prices!

COLLECTIONS - MULTIPLE COMPOSERS - Baerenreiter Opera Kaleidoscope (Soprano). BAERENREITER VERLAG - voice & piano
BA08828 / vo, pf

List Price: $8.00
SCHUBERT, Franz (Peter) (1797-1828) - Lieder, Vol. 8 (Low Voice) (Duerr). BAERENREITER VERLAG - voice (low) & piano
BA09148 / vo, pf

List Price: $57.75
MENDELSSOHN-BARTHOLDY, Felix (1809-1847) - Complete Works for Cello and Piano, Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG - cello & piano
BA09098 / vc, pf

List Price: $80.00
BEETHOVEN, Ludwig van (1770-1827) - Sonatas (3), Op. 10 (C minor, F major, D major) (Urtext). BAERENREITER VERLAG - piano
BA10857 / pf

List Price: $28.75
DVORAK, Antonin (1841-1904) - Slavonic Dances, Op. 46 arranged for Cello and Piano (Gemrot). BAERENREITER VERLAG - cello & piano
BA09568 / vc, pf

List Price: $32.00
JANSSON, Marten (b.1965) - De sancto Pelagio et sancto Theodolo. BAERENREITER VERLAG - choral octavo
BA08523 / chor(satb), org

List Price: $8.00
JANSSON, Marten (b.1965) - Poems (2): Triptyk; Moerkbla tillit (Sw-E). BAERENREITER VERLAG - choral octavo
BA08524 / chor(satb) a cap

List Price: $8.00